Complete Physician Finance Blog List – With Rankings and Social Media Links

Current Physician Finance Blog List updated: October 28th, 2019

In August 2019, I compiled and published my first list of Physician Finance Blogs (i.e. Blogs created by physicians who blog about finances). To read the original article and how I initially came up with this list click HERE. There was a lot of positive feedback regarding that post so I decided to create an actual page that I am hoping to update once every few months if people feel it adds value. So please use the link to THIS PAGE for future reference and updated list. Please comment below if there are blogs I am missing or should be adding. I also try to update the inactive list and the obsolete list as best as I can as well.

You can read each blog’s FIRST and LAST post by clicking on the corresponding date.  If you would like to follow ALL of the physician finance bloggers from this table on Twitter, I made a Twitter List which you can subscribe to so you don’t have to manually find them!

**the table is SEARCHABLE and SORTABLE by Column.
**All social media accounts can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding icon for the site.

Date List updated: October 28th, 2019

List of “Inactive” Physician Finance Blogs

An Inactive blog is defined as having no new blog post for over 12 Weeks (dates and links to their last blog post can be found in the table above). I want to clarify that being “Inactive” does NOT mean these blogs are not posting anymore, they have just not had any posts for the past 12 weeks that I could find.

1099 MDEfficient Frontier (Bill Bernstein)My Curiosity Lab
Another Second OpinionFinancially Free MDNegotiation MD
By Well DesignFirst HabitNisha Mehta MD
Dads Making CentsForeign Born MDNomads With A Vision
Delayed EarnerFuture Proof MDSome Random Guy Online
Doctor of Finance MDLife of FI MDSon Of A Doctor
Doctors on DebtLive Free MDThrifty Surgeon
Dr. Wise MoneyWall Street Physician

List of “Obsolete” Physician Finance Blogs

Obsolete is defined as a website that is not connected to a server or could not be accessed when their site was typed in. Check for yourself! Links attached for each site. (*Dr Money Blog is now Canucks Money)

A Good Life MDApprentice MDDr Money Blog*
Dr ScrillaFifteen Minute Financial FitnessMed School Financial
Military MillionsRetire Early MDSide Hustle Scrubs
Stealth Wealth MDTime For Money MDThe Boss MD

Other Sites with Physician Finance Blog Lists

SiteDate of Article Publication
Xrayvsn: Updated
Crispydoc: Updated
White Coat Investor:

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Awesome resource once again Physician Zen and congrats on you climbing up the leaderboard 🙂

Wealthy Doc

Thanks for doing this. It is too much work for me to do! I’m not sure the rank order has much meaning, but I’m glad to see so much awesome talent listed. These online doctors are changing lives for the better. It was so lonely in the beginning and it takes a village to effect positive change.

Tired Superheroine

Fascinating! Will have to figure out what it all means?

Crispy Doc

Thanks for putting in the time to keep it all updated – what an incredible compendium.

To read some of the names on the obsolete list simply breaks my heart. I am comfortable enough in my skin to admit that I miss Side Hustle Scrubs and life is emptier without his irreverent voice.

Grateful to you for doing this,


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