Month in Review – October 2019


The Month in Review is a reminder to myself and to readers of this blog to make sure they are keeping their projects and priorities up to date. This will help you have a clear and stress-free mind that is ready to tackle the upcoming month or week!

I will debrief about any updates to the site and where things are heading.

In addition, I would like to feature articles I have found to be helpful to readers in areas of productivity, finance, and wellness. 

Physician Zen Monthly Recap

This month I was invited to give a guest lecture for an emergency and transitional residency program in Riverside. The reception was great and they are figuring out a way to have me back to give ground rounds for all of the residents/physicians for the group.

I have also been approached by students and residents for individual help on their personal productivity. It has been an amazing experience to see the change in perspective once they see how working less can actually help you achieve more!

If you haven’t done so already, please check out the blog posts for this month on Physician Zen:

Learning the difference between being BUSY and being PRODUCTIVE.

Read about 5 ways how personal productivity can lead to early financial independence.

Read about Physician Burnout including statistics, definitions, and ways to treat it.

Lastly, I updated the Physician Finance Blog List with a new page. I will try my best to update the list every couple of months.

Physician Zen Updates

Book Updates

The book is coming along and the introduction and first chapter have been written. What I am finding out is that writing a book on personal productivity for healthcare professionals is so different from writing journal articles or even medical textbooks. I am still trying to find my voice in this area and seeing how the first chapter will eventually relate to the last. Writing blog posts definitely helps with sorting out thoughts on specific subjects and the feedback I receive from readers like you are invaluable!

Online Course

On another note, I am in the process of learning how to create online courses and will be releasing a course on how to best organize journal article PDF’s. Most people don’t have an efficient way to obtain, organize and retrieve journal articles. In the upcoming weeks, I will be working on getting this online course together. I will keep you guys in the loop! There is an app that I am using that completely revolutionizes how we can download journal PDFs, manage journal articles, and do citations. I’m super excited about sharing this with everyone! Yes there is an infinitely better way to manage your journal articles 🙂 Stay tuned…

Featured Blogs and More!

Okay enough blabbing about Physician Zen. I’m excited to introduce articles from October that I feel were excellent!

First and foremost, I love traveling but I hate the costs associated with it. I just can’t get over how it cost the same for me and my 3 year-old son to go on a plane! Dr. McFrugal wrote the most extensive post on how to travel hack and get South West Companion passes for a family of 4 through credit card promotions and rewards. I am actually in the process of getting this done with my wife and I look forward to traveling a lot more with the kids for 2 years, essentially for FREE! Please check out his amazing post. He actually wrote it using me and my family as a case study!

Crispy Doc writes about how he took a “Digital Dump” and cut out many of the digital distractions that pull us away each day. I love reading about how bloggers deal with the pressures of social media and the strategies they use to stay connected to the real world, he has some great tips!

I love this article that Dawn Baker posted for Physician on Fire on “How to Ask for What You Want At Work.. And Get It.” Sometimes working less is the key to eventually being able to work more in the long run. Dawn Baker talks about her experience of asking and taking a Sabbatical.

If you have the case of OCD when it comes to finances and your retirement portfolio, you are not alone. B.C. Krygowski goes over how to toMake Yourself Happier” by checking your portfolio less. She gives specific tips and suggested habits that will ease your financial anxieties.

I LOVE Bruce Lee. Passive Income MD shows us how to learn finances through the perspective of a Bruce Lee Quote.

Dr. Cory Fawcett released his new book on the Doctors Guide to Real Estate Investing. This is a great way for any health professional to start learning about real estate from a doctor’s perspective. This is something I definitely wish I had before I bought my rental units.

A question I get all the time from trainees and other physicians is if they should pay off their debt or start investing. For 90% of residents and new physicians I would say paying off debt is the right choice. Physician Philosopher writes on 5 reasons why paying off debt is a better idea than investing.

Do The Right Thing #DTRT

I want to thank each and every reader who takes time to read my blog posts. I hope you had a great month and remember to try to Do The Right Thing #DTRT and stay productive, wealthy, and healthy!

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